Tuesday, July 8, 2008

O'bama, You Have A Lot To Do To Achieve This Myth Called "Unity"

Okay, I know I have been on the Political Soap Box for awhile now, but I have something really eating away at me. As I sit and type this blog, outfitted in my Obama for President Button, I’m quite upset. I got a text from a friend this morning saying that Mr. Stephen Baldwin made a comment that if Sen. Obama won the Presidency that he would leave the country. Now, I don’t know this statement to be true but if it is I can take it to mean one of two things…1) You would rather leave the country than have it run by a black man or 2) You would rather leave the country than have it run by a Democrat. My mind is telling me the statement means the first option.

Mr. Baldwin, I’m having a problem with you and your statement. I’m sure there are plenty of prejudiced, racist people in this country and world for that matter who feel the same way, but you being a “so-called” celebrity who makes his money in the movies and books should know better. But then again, I’m glad you said it (allegedly) because you exposed yourself for the true person you are. Now, if all the black people in this good Ol’ U S of A didn’t run for the border when that Racist, Money Grubbing, War Starting, Burning Bush took office than why would you feel the need to vacate the premises because a black man is now the country’s Commander in Chief? Maybe that’s it. Its not that you believe the policies he plans to implement are wrong but his skin tone is wrong. If he were 100% white I bet that would change everything wouldn’t it? Because a McCain Presidency would be a continuation of George “What the Fuck am I doing” Bush’s Presidency and he has, hands down, the worst Presidency in US History. Mr. Baldwin, I believe you are still a resident of the United States at this time.

Not only have you offended me, but I’m sure plenty of white Obama supporters as well. You have disgraced yourself and your fans, if you have any. If you haven’t noticed Mr. Baldwin, most of Obama’s Supporters are WHITE! He’s not relying on the “Black” Vote to win. You may want to rethink your statements before you make them next time and remember that us “Obama” supporters support you also.

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