Wednesday, July 28, 2010

This Time Salt is Good For You

Tonight I ventured to the movies to see Angelina Jolie’s newest Action Thriller, Salt. Before I start my review I want to touch on the Previews. M. Night Shyamalan has plans to debut his newest horror film, Devil. Can’t say I am itching to see that one, especially since I absolutely hate Horror Movies. However, the trailer looked intriguing. What I am excited to see is Dwayne Johnson’s new flick, Faster, arriving in November of this year. From the preview I couldn’t really get a feel for what the actual plot is, but I’m loving anything that Massive Mound of Fineness creates. Yes, I raced to the movies to see Race to Witch Mountain! Don’t judge me!! Now back to Salt…

Ms. Angelina did her thing in this one. I’m a sucka for a great Action flick and Ms. Angie delivered. The movie is full of twists and turns and by the end, you don’t know what way is up. It definitely opens the door for a sequel. Without spoiling it, I will say it’s an Action packed, rollercoaster ride through our Nation’s Government and Security Intelligence. It also proves, women can be just as badass as men if not more so.

What I am more impressed with is the performance of Ms. Angelina herself. Prior to seeing this movie I read that she performed her own stunts, on location and not in front of the infamous Green Screen and that she had no fear whatsoever performing them. Wow! That ass kicking, mother of six is one hot chick and has fast become my favorite Actress next to Ms. Loretta Devine of course! The movie was originally written for a man with Mr. Tom Cruise slated to play the part of one Edwin Salt. However, Tom thought it was too close to his Ethan Hunt character in Mission Impossible and bailed on the project. Insert Ms. Angelina Jolie and end up with what would rival any leading man any day of the week.

With the action, the direction, the super twisted plot and Ms. Angie, I am pleased to award Salt with 5 of my Signature Raisinet Boxes and it doesn’t get any better than that!