Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Guns A Blazin

In this country we enjoy certain liberties that have been made available to us by the US Constitution. Amendments to this glorious document granted us the right to free speech, freedom to choose religious practices, free press and the right to a peaceful assembly. Among these so-called "Civil Liberties" is the right to Bear Arms.

Now, I agree with a homeowner's right to protect his home and his family against crime. In today's time, its almost essential as the crime rate has rapidly increased due to the ever worsening economy. However, does this right entitle you to shoot random people on the street for crimes not involving you? I understand that it may be hard for you to witness a wrong, but is it morally, constitutionally, or legally right for you to take matters in your own hands?

Mr. Joe Horn of Pasedena, TX took it upon himself to shoot two burgulars escaping from his neighbors house with some of their possessions. He called 911 and explained to authorities what was happening and proceeded to tell them he was going to stop it. Against the warnings of the 911 dispatch, Mr. Horn exited his home, shot gun in tow and fatally wounded the two suspects. Yesterday, in court, Mr. Horn got off. Not one charge filed. The suspects were found to be two illegal immigrants.

I have a real problem with this because I can't help but think that If I had pulled the trigger and killed two white men robbing my black neighbor's home, I would have been convicted and sentenced to jail time in excess of 25 years. Especially if the police instructed me to not leave my home. Now, this guy not only ignores the police, he kills two people! I know the men had no right to burgularize this home, but damn. Did they deserve to be shot in the back?

Has this country gone so array that certain people can be so brazen and kill people with no consequences? Or is there an elite club to which people like me are not invited? One thing is for sure: Criminals, it does not pay to committ a crime these days. Ordinary citizens are just as desperate as you are and stop at nothing, including killing yo ass, to protect themselves and people around them.

Criminals: Take heed and get a job, and don't rely on the possessions of others; we will shoot yo ass!

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angela said...

I feel that I do and should have the right to defend myself, and my family, however because I am a black woman I also know that my justice system is different than that of the rest of the world.