Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Can Barack Obama Actually Win?

Now that Sen. Barack Obama has won the Democratic Nomination, can he actually win. As a CNN Election Headquarters junkie, I constantly witness the personal attacks on this man. When he was in a dead heat with Ol' Hillary, the media's spin of every single aspect of his life prolonged his impending victory. They criticized his pastor, the past affiliations and even scrutinized his early campaign contributors. They picked apart his speeches, his wife's speeches and his Capitol Hill voting record. Nevertheless he persevered and captured the coveted Democratic "Top Dog" Spot. Now that's he's there the media has taken a different spin.

While he was avidly campaigning during the Primary Season, the media charged after this man, slept outside anywhere he was and gave his speeches Prime time placement. They were just fascinated by his charm, prowess and intelligence. Was it the fact that he was black and actually had an education that intrigued them. Are intelligent, degree carrying black folks a rare breed?

Now that Barack has shut the mouths of his nay sayers, the Media has taken yet another spin on his campaign. One anchor for CNN, who by the way is black, actually said, "Is Barack going to Iraq because he knows the cameras will follow him and he can look good in this campaign?" Excuse me, but I thought to win the Presidency a candidate had to campaign. So now he's dammed for campaigning. Whenever he commits a decent act he's accused of being a media hog. Of course if something happens to not compliment his perceived character, the anchors spend nights writing how damaging it is to his campaign and in turn run the "so called" damaging story every 15 mins as headline news.

I truly believe that whomever the anchors damn less will be the winner. Americans listen to higher political authorities like these Republican and Democratic Analysts, Super Delegates etc., instead of listening to their internal voices. Gas is kicking my hind parts and its getting harder and harder to feed my family. Let's not talk about the rising cost of medical attention. So why would I vote for John McCain, the Republican? The Burning Bush is a Republican and the country is the worse its ever been. Even during the 80's Recession, Gas didn't reach $5 a gallon. Both my parents were out of work and my little sister was just a few months old. Even with all that I don't remember it being this hard for us to make it. In this instance, I plan to vote for Barack Obama. Not because he's black, but because he represents Change and this country needs that like oxygen.

My advice to everyone: Look at your situation and the situations of those around you, pray and vote for the best candidate in your eyes and F&*K the media! Oh, most important. Go Vote in November!

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