Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Mama's Baby, Papa's Maybe!

As a woman who is almost perfectly in tune with her body, I know there are only 2 days within the month where pregnancy is possible. I know this because A) I learned this in biology class in high school and how to count up my ovulation days and periods on the calendar and B) I feel the exact moment when my egg is dropping. I often say, “I’m laying eggs today.” So, not knowing who my baby’s daddy will be is not a concern of mine. However, determining the paternity of offspring proves problematic for some people.
Everyday, we watch these train wrecks unfold on daytime talk shows, “I’ve tested 15 men, who’s the daddy?” WTF? Are you trying to tell me that you sleep with 15 men or more within this two day period and you are not a working girl? Okay, I get that every woman may not know when she is ovulating like me. I’ve talked to 4 other woman and not one of them know when they are most fertile during the month. With this point taken, I’m still having a problem. You mean to tell me you have slept with 15 men or more during the month and you are not a working girl? How could you put your vagina on Front Street like that? Not only is that totally unsafe, but it’s stupid. A person’s self esteem has to be virtually nonexistent to allow 15 or more men to enter your being. I’m not saying you can’t have 15 partners period, but 15 in one month? Come on.
I always thought those shows were rigged and the trash that graced those stages were just really bad, paid actors. Although it upset me that some women represented themselves that way, I never in a million years thought I would be so cursed as to actually know it to be true. In speaking with my cousin she informed me of a friend of hers who had 3 children, 2 of which have no named father. What? This lady has tested close to 10 men and none of them hit the lucky bull’s-eye. She even tested all the male members of the late night party train that was run on her and no daddy. Again, I asked my infamous question, “Is she a working girl?” The answer was no. The infinite number of possibilities puzzles me. I don’t understand how you can have sex with so many men that you can’t narrow down a group of men, in which one is your child’s father. The sad thing is that the 3rd child has a blood condition and mama isn’t sure the man in the home that’s supposed to be baby’s daddy is baby’s daddy.

Has society gotten so accepting of this mismanagement of coochie that it is suddenly okay to have your children grow up unaware of their roots? I remember a time where women were scorned by the neighborhood and their parents if they passed their coochies out like Halloween candy. Remember Shug Avery? We seriously need to stop buying into this crap. Let’s turn off the ghetto fabulous talk shows and the booty bouncing videos that glorify sex with multiple partners and start raising our children properly. Taking responsibility for teaching our children, especially our young ladies, to conduct themselves like proper young ladies and gentlemen will break the perpetual cycle of wreck less sex and irresponsibility. Men, how about taking time out for your children instead of spending your days on the street corner outside the local convenience store. Tell your daughters how special they are and they won’t need to search for validation from random men. Teach your son’s responsibility and that he is to take care of his children and he won’t spend his time making random babies. Its time to take back our communities and be the unified proud race of old. I’m tired of being embarrassed by my people.

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