Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Top Ten Things To Do This Summer

This summer I challenge you all to enjoy yourselves to the fullest! Life is great, even though you may be going through; find the great things in life and enjoy them. Here are some suggestions:

Top Ten Things you should do this summer

1. Run you toes through sand at the beach

- Take time to feel the sand under your feet and enjoy the squishy feeling.

2. Stand outside in the rain and enjoy the feeling of getting wet

- Do this only if you have acceptable, or weather proof hair! If you don't, get some.

3. Go play a game of Laser Tag or race Go-Karts

- Sometimes we need to feel like a kid again and have some fun for a change.

4. Tell that secret crush how you feel!

- Secretly liking someone will never manifest a real relationship.
Be bold and speak your mind, if he/she doesn't bite at least you'll know.

5. Take yourself to a show.

- Sometimes its good to be entertained by others. Find a play, concert, poetry reading.

6. Read a good book

- stimulate your mind with a good book, be it self-help, a novel or non-fiction.

7. Do something you've never done before

- time to explore new things and get our of your comfort zone. Try it, who knows
you may like it.

8. Do something that gives you an adrenaline rush!

- try bungee jumping, riding a roller coaster, sky diving, etc. A rush of adrenaline is good.

9. Take a step toward a healthier you.

-Change at least one thing in your diet for the better; drink Mona vie, eat more fruit,
cut out sweets, drink more water. Pick one.

10. Commune with God more.

- Develop a relationship with God and he'll develop one with you.

Bonus: Change your thinking

- You'll be surprised how far a positive mind can take you. It takes more strength to frown
than to smile, so turn that frown upside down. Always look for the silver lining!!

Hope this has helped someone, Amen.

Lesson 3: Enjoy life, you only got one. Make the most of it. Its the little things that mean a lot.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Ghandi! :) Stand in the rain? Girl go sit down!Unless Derek Jeter is pulling on that hair, I aint standing in no rain! Secret Crush??!?!? I don't have one of those.

Ursula Kelly said...

Go buy some. Try some of that Carribean Jheri Curl in 14inches.