Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Meaning of Romance

Romance in my opinion is on the rise. At least the hope for romance, the anticipation of it. So exactly what is it? Well Romance is what you make it, it's whatever makes your partner smile and feel loved and special. So lovers, here are some examples of romance to spice up your love lives.

On a Budget:

1. Send your loved one a greeting card and write how you feel on the inside.

2. Take your loved one on a picnic in the park.

3. Read your loved one poetry or mail a piece of poetry to him/her

4. Share an ice cream cone or waffle bowl ( courtesy of Marble Slab Creamery)

5. Rub your partner's feet or give them a pedicure.

6. Run your loved one a bubble bath equipped with rose pedals and candlelight.

Sit by the tub and feed them grapes or strawberries.

7. When helping them pack for a trip, hide a card or letter in their bag so they will find it while they are away.

8. Make a cd of songs expressing how you feel.

9. Make your loved one breakfast in bed: french toast with strawberries or a nice omelet with a glass of orange juice. ( feed it to them)

10. Take a late night walk ( in a safe neighborhood) under the stars and talk.

11. Make Coupons that your loved one can redeem with you good for whatever you or they like or need.

12. Make time to be with them or talk to them on the phone for extended periods.

13. Give a daily "I Love You, I applaud you and I'm happy you're in my life."

14. Give your partner a sensual massage.

15. Make a pallet on the floor in front of a fireplace.

Not concerned about the dough? Try These:

1. Take her to a very nice restaurant that's lit by candlelight.

2. Wisk her away to a nice tropical place and dine her oceanside, while there take a late night walk on the beach.

3. Buy your loved one a nice outfit and take them dancing.

4. Take your loved one to a museum or gallery opening or take in a show ( notice how the most dapper man in the country wined and dined his wife, take lessons)

5. Purchase your loved one a new wardrobe or a few key pieces.

6. Treat your loved one to a spa weekend.

7. Take an exotic vacation.

8. Fly away for dinner at an exclusive restaurant.

9. Go sailing and kiss under the moonlight.

10. Make love under a waterfall.

11. Send her favorite flowers every week to her job or send your man a special gift to his job each week.

12. Take a late night drive in a convertible on a summer night.

13. Go camping and roast marshmellows together.

Hopefully these help some of you romance challenged people and yes I have personally experienced most of these. Feel free to add to the list if you like.

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