Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Does weight loss affect mental stability?

I know, I know...you guys are thinking, "What is wrong with her?" But this is a valid subject and worthy of discussion...

Does weight loss affect mental stability or boost self esteem therefore correcting brain damage?
You ever notice when a woman who is significantly over weight looses weight she looses her damn mind? Most women who undergo drastic body transformations often leave their husbands, boyfriends, fiances, etc. ( I personally know women who have done this and one that is contemplating it) They all of a sudden believe they can do much better and most of the time they trade up. Why is that? Well let's see...

Some women feel they are less of a person or less "sexy" when they are over weight. So when they get a man they are so happy that someone is interested in them, they settle. If that man happens to be good looking, then that woman has a "trophy" and is proud of that man and lives through him. Their world in centered around that man they were able to pull. Now secretly, that woman is feeling the pain of the weight cause things at home aren't what they appear to be. That man isn't really all that attracted to her and she spends her days and nights thinking of ways to either loose weight or rekindle the long blown out fire. Consequently, that man doesn't take the time to woo her anymore or be romantic or anything. As a matter of fact, he acts a damn fool, because why? He can! "She ain't going nowhere and who want her?" So now both partners are brain damaged and look at life through tainted glasses. So what happens when that woman finally looses the damned weight she's been carrying for years? Other men start to notice her and make her feel like a real W-O-M-A-N!! Suddenly, her trophy looks like Bobby Brown on a crack day and her eyes shift elsewhere. That man, is out the door before he knows what hit him. His take on it...." How could she do this to me, I've been there, I've helped, I loved when she had all that weight. That don't count for nothing?' Nope, cause its all about how you make that woman feel. She should feel loved and adored at any size. Weight loss will just enhance that. Fellas, check yourselves!! Ladies, this scenario can easily be flipped!! Don't get cute!

These now skinny minis are often promiscuous and dress scantily because now they are anxious to show off that new body. Believe it or not, self-esteem has a lot to do with how others view you. That doesn't make sense ( self esteem is esteem of self, so you should feel what you want and F everyone else!) It makes perfect sense. You may feel one way, but when you go virtually un-noticed in a room, or you are always the one standing on the wall at the club while your girlfriends are dancing with men, that hurts. Sometimes you are noticed but only mocked because of how fat you are and repulsive to others. Better yet, you are virtually ignored and avoided by loved ones when you want intimacy. That's a real dream killer ain't it. (Brain Damage). You feel unworthy of being with anyone and start to disgust your own self. You start to co-sign with your partner and make fun of yourself with them just to cushion the blow. I would like to say we can get along in this world without others, but that just isn't true. We can spout all the lines we want, it won't change the fact that yes we all get lonely sometimes even when we are with "so-called" loved ones. ( sing Jill.....Cause I'm lonely whenever you're around..")

Attacking the "fat" people around us is a societal mishap that is all too prevalent nowadays. How about put yourself in that person's shoes and see how you feel. Imagine not being able to buckle a seat belt on an airplane and having to ask for an extension or better yet, imagine being thrown off a plane or having to purchase two seats! ( you all saw "Why Did I Get Married?" )Think about how you would feel if you waited in line for hours to ride your favorite roller coaster and was told you were too fat to ride when it came time to get on. How would you feel then? Its easy to say, "Loose weight, exercise, stop eating!" Yeah, easy to say but damn hard to do. So how do we fix this? How about encourage the "fat" people around you to get healthy and loose weight. Tell them you love them and want them to be around for a long time. Hell, work out with them, help them set goals and congratulate them when they achieve the goals they set. This way there will be less instances of "transformed" women loosing their damn minds.

Yes weight loss does affect mental stability. It causes people to feel free, to want to do more things, to love harder! Its up to the people in these folk's lives to determine what their position will be....supportive and loved even more or critical and left alone!

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Part of an article I found:

Some 34% of Americans now meet the criteria for obesity, Ms. Puhl says, and weight discrimination is prevalent. Obese workers face wage discrimination, for example, research has shown.