Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Hating on a Whole New Level

Ladies and Gentlemen,
When did we enter an era when we should be ashamed of the things we have worked hard for? Excuse me If I offend anyone with what I'm about to say, but since when do poor people resort to vandalising the rich or upper middle class? You can't blame someone else for your mistakes!!

I'm not saying people can't be upset about losing their jobs or having their homes foreclosed on, but its not right to go bash the windows out of your neighbors home because they are still residents in good standing. This is America, where all things are possible. If you don't believe that leave and see how fast you bring yo ass back here. People flood this country everyday for a better opportunity and yes we are in a recession, but our recession is a whole helluva lot better than some countries' economic boom. That's real.

So because we are in a recession, our President can't date his wife? Everyone assumes taxpayers paid for his trip to Broadway with his lovely wife. Uh, doesn't this man work ( and damn hard I might add) for his paycheck and didn't he write a couple books prior to the White House that gained him several million dollars? People, you are acting like he can only afford to take Michelle to Cheesecake Factory or something. You criticize him for putting mustard on his hamburger ( he thinks he's better than us!). Please, my dad puts mustard on his hamburgers and he works everyday for his money. I mean if there was ever a member of the "working class" its my dad, so really.

Its gotten so bad that people throw things at other's luxury automobiles, bash out home windows and frown upon opulence. Ummm, this is a problem. The message being sent is that misery loves company and everyone should turn over their monies and live poor like the rest of America. So untrue! Okay, let's break this down: 97% of Americans will be classified middle class and lower. That leaves 3% in the upper class, the mongo rich, so to speak. Now, how did that 3% get there? Hard work, intellect, hard work, positive thinking, drive, and did I mention hard work? Now, there are some who inherited millions, but even those funds were gained on the back of likely some immigrant who came to this country through Staten Island and again "worked hard" and took advantage of all the things this country has to offer. These people but their pants on one leg at a time as do we all, so there is no difference. We can do it also, the question is do we want to. We have the ability to live our lives by design, we just have to use it. As Chris Gardner ( Pursuit of Happyness, Author) said this morning, " The Calvary ain't coming and your life ain't gonna fall out the sky." You have to go get it. "Pursuit of Happiness"...the pursuit part means you have to do something! Make a move, get a plan, set a goal and execute. Dreams are nice but they don't come true by themselves.

So now the dreamers of the country are bashing the achievers of this country because they haven't achieved. Its not bad taste to drive a Mercedes this day in time. Dammit, If I worked my ass off for it, I want it and will drive it. What's wrong with you people? Now, I'm not saying don't be charitable. Give back, help your church, get involved in missions, help someone in need. That's what God expects us to do. The Bible says the poor will always be among us, so there is always work to be done. Be a Blessing to others so you can be Blessed! That's the key! Pay it forward!! When you help others you are Blessed beyond measure. Did you know Mother Teresa is worth more money than Donald Trump? Her foundation is rolling in millions upon millions of dollars, but we don't think about that because we see her dressing meagerly and always helping others. She's not flashy. I don't necessarily agree with having to look and act poor when you are not, but I believe in living within my means and getting the things in this life I want. We only live once, why are we spending our one time around the track miserable and not going after all we can get. If you aren't working towards something we are wasting your time here. Trust me, there ain't no do overs!

Lesson 2: Stop hating others for having what you don't. Get off your butt and get it for yourself. Tyler Perry, Chris Gardner, Jim Carrey, to name a few, were all homeless when they made a decision to no longer live that way. All it takes is a decision. If you don't like something change it. And yes, I'm taking my own advice!


Anonymous said...

I'm dirt poor, but I don't hate rich people.

I strive to be one.

Anonymous said...

While I do hate the people that complain and rant on and on about how they hate the wealthy, sometimes I look back and try to justify why.

The moment you were born, you were classified. I was born into a Korean male of an upper-mid class, Christian family. Every class has its own set of capabilities and limitations. So, is it really their fault that they were born into a low class family?

Some may argue that the poor can work hard and become the rich. While this is POSSIBLE, it is unlikely and the exact reason being, the limitations I mentioned earlier. A lower class person will inevitably have less opportunities (whether it be monetary or not), and as a result will have less of a chance at a successful life. Though success isn't always measured by how rich you are, for the people who are complaining, it probably is.

It's rather hard for me to take a concrete, steadfast view on this. On one hand, I hate mindless complainers. But when I look deeper into it, I can see the other side of the issue. For now, that is..

Randompasserbyer said...

Ever realised that you might get shit for coming from a "privalaged family" because saying things like "they earned it by working hard" to people who need to have two jobs just to survive? Also saying your parents worked hard for it makes you a bigger ass because you hint that poorer people's parents are lazy bums.

Unless you are really sure that the person's parents are jobless bums, you shouldn't say "my parents worked hard for it!" to anyone who is poor, it's an indirect insult for those who do physical labor or who work over 100 hours without the bigger pay checks.

Basically, you really do sound like a privileged kid whining about poor people being lazy. Then you wonder why people call you a rich snob :P

kilreli said...

i will admit all rich people are not snobs, but i definitely prefer middle class people instead. i spent my junior high and first year of high school at a middle class christian school while also living in a middle class neighborhood. my parents got divorced and i went with my mom to an upper class neighborhood which had a very good school. though the education was great, i could not stand most(note most) of the people there. maybe i just couldnt relate to them, i dont know. it just seemed they were more ignorant and less responsible than people i was in school with before. cars were things you got when you were 15, and they had better be new. New fashion? you better have it. dad's money? oh yes. as i said, not all people were like this. there were some middle class kids in my school, and they generally gave off the same thing that i was used to.

I dont hate rich people, i just hate the rich person attitude which is commonly seen to some degree in most upper class, well off people.

So to sum it all up......RICH PEOPLE SUCK!!!!!! (joke)

Also, i just thought about it, but the media doesnt help at all. My Super Sweet 16 anyone? the most worthless, angering show in the world.