Monday, June 23, 2008

Life Made Easier

Our lives today are enhanced by the numerous inventions that man has created. So today I salute those men and women who have made our lives just a little easier. I'm not talking about the obvious inventions like electricity, the wheel, telephone and television, I mean the ones we don't readily think about. So I say thank you to the people who made the following things:

1. The little plastic rings at the end of shoe laces so they don't come unravelled.

2. The navigation system. Now those men don't have to swallow pride and ask for directions.

3. The home water filter.

4. The Smoothie King

5. The power outlet you can plug in your car to charge things

6. The tape dispenser.

7. Condoms

8. paper clips

9. The tip card

10. Pill boxes

11. Velcro

12. Thank you Eli Whitney for making the Cotton Gin!!

13. 3 ring binders

14. recycling

15. baby powder

16. Video Games

17. flash cards

18. The vacuum that sucks all the junk out of your computer keyboard

19. QVC

20. The Food Network

21. File Cabinets

22. white out

23. Time-Out

24. disposable diapers

25. Epidurals

26. Anesthesia

27. upholstery

28. carpet

29. bug spray

30. the new energy saving light bulbs

31. George Foreman Grill

32. Bluetooth

33. email

34. text messages

35. websites

36. the Internet itself

I could go on for hours but who has that much time?

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