Thursday, June 19, 2008

Language Disconnect

In my job I take calls daily from families interested in adopting children. I have the children logged according to numbers and letters. When I get these calls I ask for the last 4 DIGITS of the id number. Most often than not the caller responds...010B. When did the letter B become a digit? So I respond so the last 4 Digits are 3010? Yes, that's it, they respond. When it happened yesterday, it started me to thinking about other things we do and say that are just backwards. For instance:

1. Mash that Button: You Mash Potatoes, you press buttons

2. Cut out that light: You cut vegetables, you turn off lights

3. I'm fixin to: Fixin to what? Don't you fix items or food?
3.5 Hey, you don't fix food! You prepare food, you fix things that are broken. LoL!

4. I have a great ideal: opposed to great idea.

5. Why is daytime drama called Soap Operas?

6. Why do we look at the radio when we are really listening as though we can see the image or see through the radio into the studio?

7. Why do we talk louder when the cell phone is cutting up as if the louder volume will make the other person understand better?

8. Why do we say the cell phone is cutting up instead of saying the signal is fading.

9. Why do we talk louder when we can't hear someone. They aren't the ones with the problem.

10. Why do we always nod our heads, smile and say yes when we don't understand what someone is saying to us. We could be agreeing with anything.

11. Why are bill collectors nasty and rude. Don't they realize that pissing people off doesn't get the bill paid?

12. Why do people call you back when you tell them you will call them back?

13. Why do people call you with nothing to say? Stay off the phone!

14. Why do people answer text messages but not the phone?

15. Why do we walk all over the house looking for the television remote instead of getting up to change the channel?

oops, forgot one!!
16. Why do we yell at the television during sporting events as though the player and/or coaches can hear us?

This is all I can think of at this moment. If you have more, please leave a comment and lets share a laugh today!

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