Monday, April 21, 2008

Ursula's Bucket List

Ursula’s Bucket List - Things I want to do before I Kick the Bucket!1. Go Skydiving 2. Have Sex under a waterfall 3. Visit the Cave where they laid Jesus 4. Visit the Pyramids 5. Get a tattoo or two or three 6. Swim with Dolphins 7. Meet Michael Jackson 8. Meet Oprah Winfrey 9. Learn to Belly Dance 10. Learn to work a "fierce" Stripper Pole 11. Bungee Jump 12. Surf "The Wedge" - Huntington Beach, California 13. Get 2nd holes in my ears 14. Visit the remains of the Titanic 15. Ride a motorcycle 16. Ride a Camel 17. Take a cruise to Alaska 18. Write a puppet show 19. Produce a One Woman Show 20. Go Deep Sea Diving 21. Get Arrested in a Political Protest 22. Break a world record 23. Become a member of the "Mile High" Club 24. Witness a Western Dessert Sunset 25. Ride a horse on a beach 26. Go wind sailing 27. Spit off the Eiffel Tower 28. Bathe in the Red Sea 29. Have sex on a black sand beach 30. Go Boogie Boarding with my son 31. Snow Board from the "Big Hill" 32. Fly on Airforce One 33. Have a reality Show - cause my life is full of drama! 34. Take A nude pic 35. Climb a rock wall 36. Photograph Africa and win a Pulitizer Prize 37. Wear a Bikini and look damn good in it! 38. Run the New York Marathon 39. Shave my head 40. Ice Skate and complete a jump 41. work Kermit the Frog and Meet Miss Piggy 42. Make a huge difference in someone’s life 43. Pay a major blessing Forward 44. Grace the cover of a Romance Novel 45. Spend a nite as a homeless person and document 46. Visit all 50 states 47. Visit all continents 48. Host a show on MTV or VH1 49. Have a billboard in a major city with my face on it. 50. Learn to complete a flip on a circus trapzee.

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LadyL said...

ok so I failed the commercial test horribly!!!! lol guess I need to pay closer attention