Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Commercials We Love


Name that Commercial…

1. Five, Five Dollar, Five Dollar Foot Long!
2. What is the inverse of Jan. 3? Answer: September 19th.
3. Uh, my car broke down up the street. I need to come and use your phone.

4. So Easy, Even a Caveman can do it!
5. Look 36 just put braces on his boy!
6. Hey, I need some of those cushiony NBA Socks for my footsies
7. Life comes at you fast.
8. In my Toyota Corolla, So Fresh
9. Priceless
10. It.
11. It’s the choice of a new generation
12. Who you calling cootie queen you lint licker!
13. Phylicia, those are her whites in the dryer.

Are these commercials really helping these companies sell their products or are they just must see tv for the consumer? With the economy being in such bad shape as it is, my guess is that they’re pure entertainment. We like to follow story lines and chronical the lives of characters. Remember the Taster’s Choice Commercials with the two neighbors falling in love? What ever happened with them anyway? We love the catchy little tunes and beats (F R E E, That spells free credit report.com baby) and if they make us laugh, we’re hooked. But we aren’t hooked on the products, just the commercials. Don’t believe me? Let’s test it: Did you run right out and switch your car insurance to Geico because you fell in love with the Cavemen? Probably not. I did however get a caveman, sunvisor in Gamecock colors. I do love watching to see what they will do next. The disco caveman is too funny to me, the show was crap though.

Did you go out and buy a Serta mattress to get rid of the counting sheep? I think not. Do you shop exclusively at Macy’s because that’s where the stars are? Who can afford to? By no means am I saying that commercials never work. I truly believe in product placement and brand recognition. What do you think of when you see a black and white cow? However, we can’t always take advantage of these outstanding products because of lack of funds to spare. So we are truly entertained by the comic relief they bring but the company’s 4th quarter projected sales suck. Thus Economic Stimulus! Hmmm! Millions of dollars spent to make us spend money we don’t have.

Does this mean the companies should cease from making brilliant commercials? H no! What would we talk about the Monday after Superbowl Sunday? Plus, I have to admit. I’ve had my share of $5 footlongs! I can bring home the bacon, fry it up in a pan… you get the idea!

1. Subway
2. Netflix
3. Orkin
4. Geico
5. Serta Mattresses
6. T-Mobile
7. Nationwide
8. Toyota
9. Mastercard
10. Ebay
11. Pepsi
12. Orbitz
13. Cheetos

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