Thursday, August 14, 2008

Who Said This Was Acceptable?

Okay, Okay, I'm as big a fan of individualism as the next person and I feel I have a great sense of fashion, but when did it become OK for a man to sport a perm and a mustache if their name isn't James Brown? Come on.... Have we been reduced to witnessing such atrocities on a daily? I went to the hair salon and one of the male stylists was rocking this same swagger. Did I miss something?

I remember when I met a young man in Atlanta one year, this brother had on makeup, a mustache and rocked a perm. My friend and I screamed with laughter. However, we got to know this person and realized he wasn't crazy just eccentric. His sense of style was wack but he was cool. I should have realized then that it was only the beginning of such fashion mayhem.

Is this the new look of gay America? I may be wrong for asking this question but I can't see a straight man rocking this style if he ain't on stage. Hell, even JB kept it masculine! Terrence Howard in Hustle and Flow kept it rugged! I'm afraid this freakish nature is becoming so popular that it isn't being seen as freakish at all, but normal.

Who knows maybe I'm behind the times. I'm gonna call and ask my man to sport this swagger and see what his reaction is. Chime in and tell me what you all think of this. Am I close minded or does this actually look good?

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