Friday, August 22, 2008

State of Emergency in Black America

Yesterday I picked my son up from his Boys and Girls Club After school program and as we walked out to the car, one of my son's friends asked him If I was his mom. He replied yes, to which the child then asked, "You got a dad?" My son said yes, yes I do. This second question bothered me. Since when did we get so far gone and our families so disconnected that a child would have to ask another child if they have a dad? Have our men gone so haywire that they are not in touch with their families? Even if the parents are not together, the child should not have to ask whether or not they have a dad.

Now with these tragic incidences happening Ol Jessie has the nerve to say Barack Obama is talking down to black people because he is addressing this issue. Is he serious? Bill Cosby has been saying the same thing and our people have taken offense to him. Why? He is telling the truth. When you throw a rock into a pack of dogs, the one that hollers is the one you hit. The black male in America has failed himself and his family. Granted, racism is prevalent and alive in this country, but that should give us motivation to want more, to do more, not to be just what they expect us to be; nothing. Killing each other, selling drugs to one this the way to get ahead? I think not. When are our men gonna step up again and accept some real responsibility. A real man takes care of his children. Maybe the problem is with us, black women. If we wouldn't lay down with little, trifling A boys, we wouldn't have to worry about these boys all of a sudden having to transition to men. We should create families with men already and know how he is going to react to responsibility. When we have sex with a man we must be prepared to share the parenting responsibility with him, even if we do not forsee we will. You never know what will happen. When it does, are you gonna be happy with this sorry A nicca who is now your baby daddy? Can we please, please, please take back our families?

God please step in now in the name of your son Jesus. Teach us the way we should go, and how to go. Give us the tools to be better people and treat those around us, including our children, with the utmost respect and kindness. Lord, somethings we may not understand but everything is a blessing from you, whether good or bad. You desire for us to be kings and queens and reign over our own. We cannot do this without you Lord, we need your guidance and strength to make it through each day. We know it won't be easy, but you are there to usher us through. All we have to do is trust you and be open to change. Give us the desire and the burning sense of urgency to correct ourselves and do right by our families. The babies deserve so much more than we are giving them. Please help us now in Jesus' name. Amen.

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