Friday, August 22, 2008

Twilight Thoughts

Are our dreams prophetic visions from God or wishes our heart makes? I have this conversation often with friends of mine and we always try to interpret our dreams as they relate to our daily lives. However, the mystery is always the source of these dreams. Sometimes my dreams are so relevant its scary and other times I can't make head or tales of it. Is there a mystery to unlock?

As a child growing up watching Cinderella, I always believed that dreams were wishes my heart made and nothing more. It wasn't until I started listening to my mother talk about her dreams and how they always came true that I started to think differently. She believed God was talking to her through her dreams and warning her of ahead dangers just as he did in the Bible days. So which is it? Or is it a combination of both? If it is a combination, how do we know the difference?

Many people have written books on dream interpretation and believe that all dreams have meaning. Some people even assign lucky numbers to certain dreams. I still don't know how that is done. However, I also believe they have meaning but are they messages from God or manifestations of what we desire? Dreams have always been a mystery. Some scientists say you never dream in color but in black and white and that the body has several dreams during the course of the night but we don't remember them. However, I dream in color and I oftentimes remember my dreams, especially the significant ones.

Dreams can happen in one of two stages. 1) Dreams that predict the future. These dreams don't make sense to us most of the time, however as times goes by they reveal their significance. 2) Dreams parallel our lives at the time. Some of our dreams replay our lives and give us the ability to step back and view our actions. This could be God's way of having us step out of ourselves to see how we truly behave and what we should change.

Upon further pondering of this, I believe dreams are corrections from God in one way or another to make us better people. So many people say God speaks to us about what he wants us to know or do or say or not say. Dreams are a way of speaking to us because he does not speak audibly from Heaven, at least I have not heard this and I'm sure I would have. ( I just imagine God having a loud, booming voice). So in a sense dreams are both wishes and predictions because our desires and wishes come from God because HE controls all things. Yes he gives us free will but nothing happens without his permission, so all we do and all our steps are ordered by God. Kinda neat right?
So the next dream you have and remember, examine it, pray and try to discern just what message God is trying to give you. However, remember that Satan has the same access to our dreams and can send us smoke screens to alter our actions and convince us to take steps off of God's path. The important thing is to stay connected to God to prevent this and to be able to tell the difference. With that, dream away and let God lead you. Amen.

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