Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Shame on you McCain!

Okay, I tried so hard to not jump on the bandwagon and blog about this but I couldn't. I have to. What was John McCain thinking by picking Gov. Sarah Palin? I'll tell you what! He thought all the women of America were stupid and could not possibly be interested in the issues and what's best for the country, but that we would vote for him and Sarah because she is a woman! As a woman I am insulted.

The idea behind being able to handpick a VP is to really search and find a person fully capable of being president if something (God forbid) should happen to the current president. I'm sorry, Sarah Palin is not it. This lady has been Gov. of Alaska for less than two years. OK, I give her kudos for becoming Governor because I sit here blogging and not running for political office (yet). So applause to her for this accomplishment. However, this lady has no foreign policy experience have just gone out of the country last year for the first time ( she didn't even have a passport for the ready.) She does not believe in sex education in schools, as a result her state has the highest cases of Chlamydia and her teenage daughter is pregnant. I'm sorry Gov. ignoring sex education does not mean the people of the country will not choose to engage in it. She is also against a woman's right to choose. So the right women fought for, the ability to take charge of their own bodies, is lost with this woman. But you republicans say Gov. should not play such a huge role in the everyday lives of Americans. Hmmm!

Sen. John McCain wrapped up his party's nomination presumably back in March. So why did he wait so long to choose a VP? He could have used all this time to campaign with his VP pick and try to one up the Democrats. He waited to see who Barack Obama would choose because he was not confident in himself enough to carry the ticket. He waited to see if Obama would choose Hillary Clinton, and when he didn't, he chose Gov. Palin to gain those votes, again suggesting we women don't use our brains to think. We fought for our right to vote to be able to choose based on what's best for us. McCain doesn't even know this woman and as a result, they keep showing her family and talking about her High School Career and hobbies. He met her one time back in February and then talked with her one more time last Tuesday and picked her on last Friday. His own party can't even defend her. McCain refused to conduct an interview with CNN because his party rep "Tucker" could not answer a question about her experience and what decisions has she made as Commander in Chief of the Alaskan National Guard. Not only did he not answer the question, he tried to belittle Obama's experience or so-called lack there of instead.

Well, I'll say this, for someone who is not experienced, Obama sure had enough sense to pick a VP who is very experienced in Foreign Affairs and is Chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee in Congress. Shame on You Sen. McCain for thinking that the women of the world are stupid. I;'m sorry Senator, but your slickness, your so-called strategy, has backfired. Boom!

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