Thursday, September 11, 2008

Paradise Lost

I blog today with a heavy heart and a saddened spirit. Today is the 7th Anniversary of the 9/11 tragedy. I'm sad today because I'm remembering that day and the lives that have been eternally altered and because I'm thinking about the thousands of Americans who are still fighting this so-called "War on Terror"and those who have lost their lives. Today is the official commemoration of this tragedy, but for many men and women, "9/11" happens everyday as the officials knock on their doors and deliver the news that their son or daughter has lost their life in the war, sparked by 9/11. 9/11, 5/22, 3/19. etc. These are days families remember everyday as their lives have been altered as well.

When I got up this morning I turned on the television to Fox news and watched their replay of the 9/11 events as they happened that day. I began to weep and soon my weeping developed into a full out cry as I got ready for work. I was overwhelmed with emotion as I thought about each person who died that day without warning. I cried for the families and friends left behind. I started to reflect on what my life was like on that day...

The morning of September 11, 2001 I got up early and drove back to Columbia. I'm from Inman, a little town in Spartanburg County, and I had spent the night their with my cousin from LA. My mom and I had experienced a terrible argument and I didn't go home but spent the night with my aunt instead where my cousin was staying. I woke up early and drove back because I had to be at work at Cingular Wireless Call Center at 10am. So, I left around 6 or so. When I got home, around 8am I watched two episodes of the Sopranos that my VCR had tapped while I was away. I got ready for work, and drove to the call center. There my co-workers were all in an uproar. I asked what was going on and one said we are trying to deal with all these explosions and things. I said, "What explosions?". She proceeded to detail for me the events of the past hour and 1/2. I ran to the break room and watched the news and there it was. "Oh My God, You have got to be kidding me?" I got on my computer and the Internet was flooded with images and stories. How did I miss this? I normally watch CNN as I get dressed in the mornings, why didn't I this morning?

As I think about that day, I am reminded of a time in my life when I wasn't close to my mom. Our relationship was so strained, I questioned if she even loved me at all. Look at how far we have come and how good God is. We are best friends now and talk everyday and constantly tell each other we love one another. God is awesome. Like 9/11, it took a tragedy to bring us together. We rebuilt our lives together though and that made us stronger in and for each other. God has a way of bringing people together with the strength they need to endure tough things. Let us thank God for his infinite wisdom.

Today, I urge each American to unite with the other, encourage someone else today and let them know you are there for them. Don't let another tragedy have to happen to unify is again.

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