Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Is There A Such Thing As Mr. Right?

We often hear women say repeatedly that they are searching for Mr. Right? Does this man really exist? So many times I have witnessed women settle for Mr. Right Now who turns out to be a jerk later on. Is it that woman's fault for not waiting on her Prince Charming ( another mythical creature in my opinion) or that man's fault for falsely leading that woman to believe he was all he was cracked up to be?

Fella's don't get me wrong, this is not a male bashing blog. Rather it's a journey of self discovery and enlightenment.  Ladies, it's okay and perfectly acceptable to be single. Far too many times we get into unhealthy situations by just wanting to be with someone or to say we have someone. I know this is not describing any of you but just go with me for a while.

Growing up we've all heard rumors of there being a Mr. Right. I know I've heard many tales about him and now as an adult I find myself still searching for him or better yet wondering if he is the one I fell for.  But if there is a such thing as a Mr. Right would I, or we have to wonder if he had indeed graced us with his presence? Hmmmm.

I guess before we start looking at our partners with the side eye we need to examine a few things that experts say are characteristics of a good/great relationship. (Actually, these are things I say should happen but expert sounded better)

1. Does he make you laugh?
    Laughter is a great way to connect with your partner. A sense of humor can take the edge off a        situation, break some tensions and ease some mounting frustrations.

2. Does he communicate effectively?
    In my life, I have observed that I get an attitude less often when I am communicated with. Telling    me upfront about a situation or dilemma eases my mounting frustration with trying to figure out what's going on. I'm really not hard to get along with, I just want to be in the know.

3. Is he attentive to your needs?
    When he does for himself does he do for you also? Does he give your needs as much attention as he gives his own? If not, you might want to check that.

4. Does he support you?
    Does he subscribe to your blog or You Tube channel? Does he publicize your website or advertise your events? Does he listen to your hurts? Is he in attendance at your important events in your life?  Does he celebrate your milestones? Is he encouraging? Hmmmmmm.

5.  Do you feel peace when with him or is Hell's door ajar when he's near?
     Peace in a situation is greatly appreciated. Peace comes from God, it's our radar. Use it. If your stomach is in constant knots when he's around...something's up.

If you answered no to two or more questions...chances are he's not Mr. Right but Mr. Right Now. However, I can't tell you to get rid of him and wait for Mr. Right. What I will say is Pray for the man that completes you and makes you feel like the queen you are. But remember, If you are single and want to remain single, there is nothing wrong with that! Do you!

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